Cover Letter Faux Pas

Cover Letter Faux Pas Cover Letter Faux Pas

As a candidate you put forth so much effort into carefully writing a professional resume and customizing it to the job you are applying for only to compromise all that hard work by not doing the same with your cover letter. If you really want to land that next position you need to put as much thought into creating your cover letter.

That letter is the first chance you have of representing who you are to a prospective employer. Just like your resume, it’s a reflection of what kind of person you are. When writing it, be precise. Modify each one you send out to be sure you are addressing the correct person, and have the correct title of the job you are pursuing. So many candidates use the same cover letter for every job they apply for only to forget to change these two major items.

It’s best to add a few bullet points about how your experience matches the job description, but don’t add too much information, or duplicate everything on your resume. Sometimes less is more, so don’t make your cover letter too long.

Before submitting your cover letter and resume, reread the job description. If it states to include something specific in your cover letter, or subject line, be sure to ‘follow the directions to the letter’. Incorrect or missing information or a cover letter which is poorly written will not get your resume read, and, will not get you that job, so always remember to double check your information. Do a spell and grammar check before submitting it and always be sure to “ask for the job interview”.

A great cover letter may not guarantee you the job, but a poorly written one can certainly prevent you from attaining it.



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