Civil Engineer – Indianapolis, IN


The In -House Civil Engineer leads and manages the civil design process through each project. The primary responsibilities are to ensure that the civil design teams are focused on meeting the established schedule, producing compliant and cost-conscious design standards, and maintaining constructability to insure a quality product design for each project from a long-term Owner/property management perspective.

Job Responsibilities

  • Assist the development team in the site selection process for new projects. Due diligence items to be considered would include but not limited to:
    • Traffic Engineering
    • Analyzing existing site locations and conditions -surrounding areas as well
    • Utility services -existing and capacity restrictions
    • Topography
    • Traffic and noise studies
    • Soils conditions
    • Wetlands
    • Zoning requirements
    • Environmental protection issues -if any
    • Consult with local for regional requirements or nuances etc.
  • Produce preliminary site layouts as requested by Development.
  • Solicit contractors as required but not limited to:
    • Phase 1 environmental study
    • Geotechnical services
    • Wetland delineation
    • Archaeological study (if required)
    • Traffic impact analysis
    • Remediation requirements
  • Solicit RFP’s, negotiate, and secure/contract qualified 3rd party civil design group(s) for each project.
  • Scope, procure proposals, and manage design and deliverables of secondary consultant disciplines including but not limited to:
    • Land Surveyors
    • Environmental Professionals
    • Geotechnical Engineering
    • Zoning/ Land Planning Professionals
    • Wetlands Professionals
    • Landscape Architects
    • Water Resource / Flood Engineering
    • Traffic Engineering
  • In concert with development commitments, manage all timelines and production schedules for the civil design team(s) for timely delivery/submission/approval of the required construction documents.
  • Create quality control measures and milestones for timely design readiness and completion
  • Conduction QAQC reviews of drawings for thoroughness and accuracy
  • Share, collaborate, and relay design elements with architectural team -particularly for cross-disciplines, grading, setbacks, ADA compliance, access, utilities such as water, sewer, fire etc
  • Work with the construction team as a resource and point person for civil RFI’s, civil design issues, addendums, final survey, certs etc
  • Provide support to the legal team on title and survey issues. This position must me knowledgeable with not only reading and interpreting the survey, but also navigating the due diligence process for solving any survey issues.
  • Assist with the permit/approval process for site related items


  • Bachelors’ degree in Civil Engineering or Land Surveying
  • 5+ years’ experience as a licensed PE or LS in residential, commercial development and/or civil engineering design or owners’ representation.
  • Strong communication, task management, and team working skills
  • Strong technical background and willingness to learn or innovate new processes
  • Experience with multifamily or commercial development a plus



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