Professional Recruiter Associates strives to be the recognized leader in fulfilling your needs as an employer. In order for us to accomplish this goal, we have devised the following timeline as a guide for completing each new job order.

Step 1 : Information Gathering

  • Develop an understanding of the Client company, it’s products, services, management, financials, and position description.
  • Provide consultation to our client regarding, compensation, qualifications, strategic planning, geographic location, define position objectives. Write job description.

Step 2 : Research

  • Research and identify source companies and identify prospective candidates at those companies.
  • Research and identify prospective candidates from internal database and resume files.
  • Contact network of industry contacts to identify candidates.

Step 3 : Contact Prospective Candidates

  • Articulate opportunity to prospective candidates by telephone and attempt to generate their interest, or solicit names of additional prospective qualified candidates.
  •  If interested, conduct 1st telephone interview with candidate. Obtain resume from candidate.
  • Provide additional information about the client company and job specification to the candidate.
  • Conduct 2nd telephone interview with candidate after exchanging information.
  • Make initial determination whether the candidate is qualified and recruitable.
  • Prepare written summary of pertinent qualifications, salary history and fax/e-mail to client along with current resume
  • Client: Review resumes discuss with recruiting, prepare the first short list of candidates.

Step 4 : Interviewing

  • Recruiting conducts face to face interviews.
  • Prepare report of the interview and benchmarking of candidates.
  • Discuss results with Client, prepare 2nd short list.
  • Client: Candidates interview with hiring manager and client company employees.
  • Conduct 3rd telephone interview while debriefing candidates after interview(s) with client company employees.
  • Discuss candidates with Client and prepare 3rd and final short list.

Step 5 : Selection and Negotiation

  • Complete reference checking.
  • Conduct 4th telephone interview with finalist(s) regarding their references and if necessary conduct 3rd face to face interview (by Client and/or Recruiting).
  • Client: Work together with recruiting to structure offer.
  • Extend offer, recruiting will act as the intermediary in any negotiations.
  • Close deal.

Step 6 : Transition

  • Assist candidate in resigning.
  • Avoid acceptance of counter offer.
  • New hire starts.
  • Assist in transition to new position.
  • Speak with candidate after start date to flag any problems or misunderstandings that could get parties off on the wrong foot.