Professional Recruiter Associates develops long-term relationships with its clients based on integrity, confidentiality and a thorough knowledge of their requirements. We have adopted tenets that fully respect the confidence our clients and candidates place in us.

First among our policies, is our belief that Professional Recruiter Associates should accept only those assignments that we believe we can complete successfully. For our client companies, this means that we commit ourselves to analyze your company’s structure and requirements before accepting an assignment or preparing a job description. Likewise, candidates should know that we are fully committed to accepting only those candidates we believe we can place successfully.

Once an assignment has been accepted, we provide regular progress reports that respect the time limits established by the client while making ourselves readily available. This means that we are there, ready to inform and advise both the client and the candidate when you want us.

The commitment we make to our candidates is that we commit to provide them with first class service that ensures they will be properly matched with the organization most suitable for their talent set and ambitions.

Professional Recruiter Associates has identified 10 points that guide every one of our assignments:

  1. To accept only those searches that the firm believes it can complete successfully.
  2. To provide each client with a consultant specialized in his or her area of business.
  3. To commit ourselves to analyze our client’s corporate structure and requirements prior to preparing a job description.
  4. To guarantee absolute confidentiality regarding our client’s identity and the nature of the assignment.
  5. To provide progress reports to our clients at regular intervals throughout the period of a search.
  6. To respect all deadlines as set down by the client at the outset.
  7. To show as much respect and consideration towards our candidates as we do towards our clients.
  8. To be available at all times to inform and advise our clients.
  9. To ensure proper integration of the candidate through frequent contact with both the employee and the client.
  10. To endeavor to develop long-term relationships with our clients based on trust, mutual confidence and a thorough knowledge of their requirements.