Assistant Superintendent – Multifamily

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At our company the Assistant Superintendent will be assigned to a project team of Superintendents responsible for coordinating and supervising the construction of high density residential and mix use projects. The Assistant Superintendent will report to the Project Superintendent and General Superintendent. The position will be assigned to oversee certain trades and phases of the work by hired subcontractors and punch carpenters.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities

• Supervises and directs the efforts of our Punch Carpenters and Laborers.

• Develops and maintains working relationships with the project’s building officials and inspectors and assists in the scheduling all required jurisdictional inspections and testing.

• Identifies and makes recommendations to Project Superintendent regarding project risks including safety/loss control, subcontractor/supplier issues, site conditions and logistics, scheduling, change orders, and document conflicts.
• Supervises and monitors work of assigned hired trades and our punch carpenters and laborers. .

• Notifies the Project Superintendent of all non-performing sub-contractors.

• Prepares punch lists and ensures completion of all related work prior to inspections and product acceptance.

• Inspects subcontractor’s work to ensure that it meets subcontracted obligations and Company quality standards.

• Assists in Creating, maintaining and updating projects schedules as they relate to work in progress and the completion of project. Ensures assigned tasks are finished accordingly.

• Participates in weekly safety and subcontractor meetings and helps maintain minutes of such meetings..

• Monitors and participates in the timely ordering, delivery and storage of materials and parts necessary to construct and complete the project in accordance with the project schedule.

• Monitors subcontractor compliance with project safety policies and program. Helps in maintaining the site condition to ensure a safe work environment.

• Reviews plans in order to identify mistakes and inconsistencies and makes recommendations on how to resolve such issues.

• Verifies key dimensions and layouts to ensure work performed is in compliance with plans and applicable codes.

• Maintains documentation and paperwork keeps it organized within the filing system set forth by Company policies and practices.

• Works with Company hired third party consultants and inspectors. Schedules third party inspections of assigned work in progress and ensures responses to any exceptions or punch list items noted by the consultants and inspectors.
• Participates in Company-provided training such as safety, non-discrimination, and harassment prevention.

• Complies with all Company National Standards, applicable health and safety rules and regulations, as well as applicable local, state, and federal laws.

• All other duties as assigned


Education and/or Experience

• High school diploma or equivalent is required.

• Bachelor’s degree in construction management or related field is preferred.

• Minimum 2 years of experience in the multi-family construction industry is required.


Skills/Specialized Knowledge

• Ability to use a personal computer and have a working knowledge of Microsoft Project, Word, and Excel. Knowledge of Procore and Textura a plus.
• Ability to communicate well in English both written and verbally.

• Ability to use general office equipment, such as telephone, fax machine, printer, scanner and copier.

• Knowledge of construction procedures, building codes, construction procedures, and rough trade work.

• Knowledge of federal, state and local codes for Handicap, Fair Housing, ANSI, Waterproof, Environment/AQI and Acoustical.


License Requirements

• Valid State Issued Driver License

Other Requirements

• Provide means of commuting between project locations and offices


Physical Demands

• Ability to maneuver in and around a construction site including climbing ladders and temporary stairs

• Ability to work in an environment which at times will be dusty and noisy

• Ability to lift items of different sizes and configurations weighing up to 50 pounds


Mental Functions

• Ability to multi-task

• Ability to work in a fast paced environment

• Ability to address and work on unanticipated challenges or changes in the work in progress


Work Environment

• Varies and included working in an office setting and on an active construction site within a temporary construction office or trailer

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