Licensed Geotechnical Engineer

  •   Full Time
  •   Bakersfield CA

The company is expanding and we have immediate need of Geotechnical Engineer to join our technical office department.
This is a great opportunity to grow with us and advance your career.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:


• Determine the presence of unsuitable material during the excavation works.
• Approve the use of modified soil (with amendments or additives), if they are required.
• Supervise the foundation and subgrade preparation and the placement and compaction
• of fills.
• Observance and inspection of the earthworks operations, including at least:
– Inspection of site preparation, cutting and shaping, excavating, filling, backfilling, compacting procedures and embankment construction.
– Proposal or approval of correction measures, if necessary.
– Review of the field and lab tests results executed during the construction
• Geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring
– Review and approve the results of the piezometers and other geotechnical
instrumentation installed, including preparation of reports and collect the data, if
• Drilled Shafts
– Proposal and approval of correction measures or methods if drilled shaft are rejected or
it is out of tolerance.
– Review and approve any change in the methods or equipment, if necessary.
– Observance and inspection of the drilled shaft installation, including excavation, support system (casing or slurry), tremie placement of concrete, integrity tests, and any other related activity.
– Determination of the acceptability of the shaft installation, according to the contractual documents, based on the drilling logs, concreting logs, load tests results, inspection reports, dimensions and alignment of the shafts, the bottom shaft cleanliness, integrity tests, etc.
– Propose additional testing to determine the acceptability of the shafts and prepare mitigation plans when it is required.
• Respond to any geotechnical question and approve potential changes during construction, including but not limiting to temporary excavation support, dewatering, foundations, embankments, etc.

Required Qualifications
– Driver License
– Geotechnical Engineer License in California

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