MEP Senior Coordinator

  •   Full Time
  •   San Francisco

This position coordinates and schedules installations performed by the mechanical, electrical/controls, HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection contractors. Responsibilities include coordination of installations between trades. The MEP Coordinator will work closely with multiple project teams and will provide overall direction and control of the installation of all electrical, plumbing, mechanical, sheet metal, insulation, sprinkler systems and life safety systems. Contribute to company’s culture, mission and values through thought leadership and actions.

Representative Tasks and Responsibilities 

  1. Active involvement in projects when drawings are first submitted to participate in conceptual Evaluates the complexity of the mechanical/electrical design and estimates both the construction costs and maintenance. Ensures the constructability of the design and the compatibility with local building codes. Helps to determine the appropriate scope of the project, the materials to be utilized and manpower requirements for each construction phase.
  2. Assist the Preconstruction team in preparation of Design Build MEP trades out for bid with the basis of design and detailed scope The B.O.D. is critical to the end user functions and the first pass at understanding the best design approach must be clearly articulated to the subs.
  3. Ensures that all MEP shop drawings and specified products are submitted by subs in a timely manner and makes sure they are detailed and Works to reduce design errors.
  4. Attends weekly OAC meetings and serves as a technical Outlines work to be performed by the mechanical and electrical contractors, phasing of work, scheduling issues, etc.
  5. Reviews all change orders to make sure that building code requirements are met, that changes will not adversely impact other electrical/mechanical systems in the building and that cost estimates are reasonable and
  6. Within the scope of the overall construction schedule, plans the daily and weekly activities for each Provides detailed technical instructions for each foreman ensuring a clear understanding of the work to be performed, the methods used, manpower resources to be allocated and expected completion date.
  7. Assist in the development of full commissioning plans for all MEP systems that identify and define the following: all test requirements, required inspections, factory start-up of major equipment, factory acceptance testing, project and vendor documentation requirements and integrated test plans demonstrating full system
  8. Inspects all field construction work in progress and ensures that uniformly high-quality workmanship is maintained during each construction Points out deficiencies promptly and follows up to make sure that all systems are functioning.
  9. Oversees all the start up procedures including but not limited to, balancing, commissioning and validation certification of these systems including a turnover
  10. Serves as a technical resource throughout the
  11. Represents our company at all times in a professional manner that is consistent with the company’s values, including maintaining current project-specific knowledge, being prepared for project meetings, proactively communicating with the project team, and meeting deadlines and
  12. Contributes to company’s culture, mission and values through thought leadership and actions and adhere to Company policies, procedures and performance
  13. Participates in the marketing process, including interview presentations, RFP responses and attending industry Interview presentations are key to our future success with MEP knowledge.
  14. Mentoring and teaching our staff to assist us in building in MEP knowledge infrastructure, so that we are more effectively manage risk on our projects going
  15. Perform other projects and duties as


  • College degree in mechanical or electrical

Specialized Knowledge and Skills 

  • Knowledge of mechanical, process piping, plumbing, electrical and building control systems
  • Specific knowledge in mechanical systems (HVAC, chillers, towers, )
  • Specific knowledge in process piping systems (process utilities, RO/DI water, Acid Waste neutralization, CDA, House Vacuum, ), plumbing systems
  • Knowledge of building control systems (communication, AV, Security & IT and process automation)
  • Ability to run complex meetings with multiple attendees, issue minutes and follow up for deliverables
  • Able to identify and resolve complex issues
  • Working knowledge of software programs, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, and


  • 15 years plus as an MEP Coordinator with a demonstrated progression of increased responsibility and successful team


Job & Company Detail

Company Industry

Architect Industry

Company Size

1 - 9 Employees



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Construction Industry

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