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Construction Manager (CM) will act as the Owner representative for utility scale photovoltaic project construction. CM will manage Owner’s engineering, procurement, and construction contractor as well as managing Owner’s site representative and Owner’s other contractors. CM’s primary responsibilities include oversight of construction, project budget tracking, and keeping project on schedule, avoidance of change orders, ensuring construction quality, and contracts administration.


  • Act as Owner’s representative adding value to the construction of solar power plants that meet or exceed industry standards.
  • Ensure Contractor is providing a safe working environment.
  • Represent Owner in a professional and ethical manner at all times.
  • Work to mitigate change orders and to ensure that construction is undertaken properly and that Owner’s risk is minimized.
  • Ensure that contractors are performing and providing deliverables per the construction agreement/contract.
  • Monitor daily construction activities at the project site including scheduling of work and delivery of equipment & materials.
  • Review submittals, drawings, and reports during the project design phase to avoid potential issues in construction.
  • Review and comment on construction benchmark assemblies (i.e. trenching, wire management, etc.)
  • Monitor construction and report on work progress, budget status, and schedule status on a regular basis to project and corporate management in verbal and report form.
  • Manage and finalize contract processes and documents such as RFI’s and change orders, preparing them for management review and approval.
  • Review, interpret, and provide feedback on contractor provided documents.
  • Review, verify, and approve Contractor progress billings.
  • Review all commissioning, quality assurance, and quality control work/reporting done by contractor. Coordinate internal/external engineering support as needed.
  • Work with Owner operations staff, asset manager, and O&M provider to facilitate field visits and document review in anticipation of project substantial completion and commercial operation date.
  • Travel as needed between site locations. On site biweekly or more often if needed to review progress/schedule, meet Owner’s site representative and Contractor, and resolve issues/questions.
  • Manage the hiring and/or contracting for Owner’s site representation.
  • Manage Owner’s site representation on a daily basis to document construction activities, issues, and material deliveries.
  • Review in detail Owner site representative’s daily reports.
  • Prioritize Owner site representative’s activities/inspections to monitor contractor QA/QC processes and overall quality.
  • Monitor Owner module delivery obligations – delivery date, quantity and wattage
  • Represent Owner and coordinate site tours as needed for investors, utility representatives, etc.
  • Provide initial evaluation of all Contractor payment applications to ensure accuracy relative to actual project construction status.
  • Assist in cash flow forecasting and processing of payment requests.
  • Represent Owner in contract/payment discussions with Contractor.
  • Provide support for and/or lead construction contract negotiations.
  • Write and review procedures, reports, and specifications to support the project.
  • Provide technical, clerical, and other support for production of RFP’s
  • Perform due diligence tasks on new project opportunities and perform site assessments of potential PV projects
  • Coordinate with and direct Owner’s consultants as needed.
  • Perform a variety of tasks as needed and required.


  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in construction management or engineering field preferred.
  • 5+ years relevant work experience in construction/project management role.
  • Experience with construction contract administration.
  • Knowledge of related construction practices.
  • Experience in the utility electricity generation field desirable.
  • Prior experience in the solar industry desirable.
  • Strong general computing skills.
  • Strong proficiency in Excel, MSWord, MS Project, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
  • Willingness to travel


  • High levels of initiative, self-direction, and attention to detail
  • Ability to work in a close team environment
  • Ability to motivate Contractor with solid communication skills and contract knowledge to accomplish Owner and project goals
  • Ability to direct the troubleshooting and resolution of highly complex or unusual construction problems
  • Capable of planning and organizing internal and external resources
  • Problem analysis
  • Willingness to take on responsibilities with a commitment to perform
  • Flexibility
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision-making
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills




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