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Project Manager (PM)


The PM is the company’s business representative for the project. They are accountable for the overall performance of the project and for its safe completion, within company policies and to all company standards. This includes the financial performance of the project; safety performance; owner satisfaction and community relations; prime, subcontractor and material supplier contract management; development of initial project planning and scheduling; selection, utilization, maintenance and management of equipment; recruiting, indoctrinating and developing supervisory personnel; and maintaining a positive work environment for all employees and project participants.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Planning and Scheduling:

  1. Provide for maximum effectiveness of the project team. The PM must keep the team focused on work at the crew level
  2. Responsible for initiating the overall plan for constructing the project and for developing the Project CPM Schedule.
  3. Create and maintain an environment in which the Project Superintendent takes the overall plan and with the support of the PM and the project team develops it in greater detail on a day to day, week to week manner, continuously, all the way to the successful conclusion of the project.

Project Performance:

Responsible for maintaining a disciplined approach in measuring the performance of the project.

  1. Ensure that the Project Superintendent holds regular coordination meetings with foremen, the project engineer, field engineers and subcontractors.
  2. Ensure that the project is conducting safety meetings and inspections and that they are training the workers in the awareness and the correction of safety hazards.
  3. Regularly monitor project operations for the following:
    • A safe work environment and that workers are performing their work in a safe manner
    • Crews are being afforded the opportunity to work at their maximum potential
    • Personnel, equipment and resources are maintained at adequate levels
    • Equipment utilization is maximized while on the project.
    • Equipment is being maintained properly and timely.
  4. Maintain a clean, organized project site be sure it is being utilized efficiently for staging material
  5. Regularly observe the performance of our subcontractors for sufficient progress and that they are adhering to our safety policies.
  6. Prior to their start on the project, ensure that subcontractors participate in a preconstruction meeting
  7. Require the Project Superintendent and appropriate members of the project team to produce daily reports of events and communications.
  8. Study the project budget to gain a thorough knowledge of the cost codes and ensure that the Project Superintendent instructs the foremen on the proper use of codes for charging their crew’s time.
  9. Study the labor and total job cost reports for work items that are out of line.
  10. Assist the project team in accounting for all small tools acquired and consumed for the project.
  11. Regularly conduct a thorough and detailed job cost forecast with the project team

Contract Administration:

The PM is to maintain the contract that the company has with our Owner as well as the contracts we have with our subcontractors and suppliers. Ensure that the contracts are kept orderly and current, particularly with respect to progress payments, insurance, authorized changes, potential changes and correspondence.

The PM must first become familiar with the requirements of the contract documents. The PM must also require the appropriate project team members to do the same.

Duties in support of contract administration include the following:

  1. Maintain personal set of contract documents to include all addenda, clarifications and change orders.
  2. Review the pay estimates and reconcile discrepancies every month
  3. Ensure that the project filing system is set up properly and maintained current
  4. Review Extra Work / Delays to the Contract
    • Assist the project team in identifying and ensure that we document all of our extra work as well as that of our subcontractors
    • Ensure that we make proper notifications to the Owner for extra work and delays to project schedule
    • Ensure that the project team keeps accurate descriptions and daily records of all force account work, both ours and that of our subcontractors
    • Initiate and be responsible for estimating all extra work proposals
    • Follow up and seek expeditious resolution and compensation of all extra work issues and delays to the project schedule
  5. Review subcontracts and material purchase orders
  6. Approve all project purchases and forward to the area manager for approval


The PM is responsible for obtaining a high level of performance from the project team by:

  1. Include your project team members in decisions.
  2. Set goals, evaluate performance, and provide constructive feedback to direct reports on their primary duties and responsibilities.
  3. Develop your direct reports by delegating duties and responsibilities to them.
  4. Reward good performance; recommend promotions.
  5. Recognize when a team member is performing below expected standards and then provide for the training and specialized instruction to bring that performance up.
  6. Provide routine training for the project superintendent, assistant superintendents, foremen, engineers and craftsmen.
  7. Coordinate for the transfer of current employees and crews and with the VP Human Resources for acquiring new salaried employees.
  8. Orient all new employees and transferred employees to the specifics of your project.
  9. Assist in maintaining discipline of the workforce through enforcement of all company rules. Provide consultation to project team members in matters of serious disciplinary actions.
  10. Approve all hires and terminations

Salary based on experience. Excellent Benefits!

  • Civil Engineer, Construction Technology, or Construction Science Degree
  • Ten years of experience
  • Must have current valid driver’s license and have a safe driving record.

For immediate consideration, please forward a copy of your current resume to referencing job # or a link to this job.

Job & Company Detail

Company Industry

Architect Industry

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1 - 9 Employees



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Construction Industry

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01 January 2030