Project Manager (Boston)

    Company in Boston seeking a Project Manager with either a restoration or construction focus.

    • Attend Certified Restorer (CR) and Health Care Contractor (HCC) training
    • Construction track — must understand scope, schedule work, communicate professionally, ensure project safety, and maintain quality control
    • Establish their core project management capabilities while at this level. Critical skills include time management, budgeting, scheduling, site supervision, customer contact, communication, quality control, safety, documentation, and change orders
    • Must continually advance their knowledge of current and past construction practices
    • Review daily requirements of the projects, document progress and notify managers of progress and challenges
    • Provide appropriate field documentation, photo logs, graphs and sketches for various TPA projects
    • Must be able to perform all skills related to prior Advanced Fire Damage Specialist, Advanced Water Damage Specialist, Advanced Carpenter roles.
    • Become proficient qualifying vendors and subcontractors including guiding them through vendor qualification process
    • Must be capable managing fixed bid projects and rate and material projects
    • Demonstrate a thorough understanding for company invoicing for various project types and are capable of providing necessary documentation
    • Perform Daily vehicle safety and maintenance inspections and maintain in clean serviceable condition
    • Must maintain attention to detail
    • Will be required to meet company Standards in safeguarding other people’s property
    • Must have a comprehensive understanding of customer service, principles and practices
    • Work under time constraints to meet specific timelines
    • Will be required to work nights and weekends as requested and travel periodically
    • Report time worked and equipment and consumables used timely and accurately
    • Attend company sponsored operations and safety training courses as required
    • Assist other PM, and Senior PM’s and volunteer for CAT duty as possible
    • Advance their knowledge of technical services (Restoration track) and their knowledge of building codes and local, state and federal regulations (Construction Track)
    • Steadily increase their project authority
    • Continually improve their core project management skills
    • Continue training until they demonstrate ability to complete projects on time and on budget with documented customer satisfaction
    • Construction focus — plan, coordinate, and oversee employees and subcontractors in all phases of work
    o Read and manage blue prints
    o Understand and adhere to local building codes and regulatory agencies
    • Restoration focus — direct small crews of company personnel and temporary workers
    • Attend company approved training courses in areas of lesser experience.
    • Manage large crews and projects through crew leaders and other assistants.
    • Manage and document rate and material projects and work with PM’s or Estimators in development of restoration plans
    • Supervise multiple crews simultaneously on multiple projects

    • Carry current IICRC ASD designation for Water Damage related work
    • Completion of all company required New Hire Coursework
    • Certified to operate a Hi-Lo fork lift
    • Complete previous 18 months as Advanced Water Damage Specialist, Advanced Carpentry, or Advanced Fire Damage Specialist or have similar industry experience
    • Eligible to operate a motor vehicle per company vehicle policy
    • Possess sense of urgency, professional demeanor, positive attitude, and strong work ethic
    • English language literacy and fluency
    Physical Demands
    • Frequent lifting in excess of 50 lbs
    • Occasional lifting from 41 lbs +, assisted (up to 50% of the time)
    • Access and mobility in tight spaces
    • Sustained periods of standing, sitting, walking, bending, and kneeling
    • Ability to use mobile devices for collection of data and time.


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