Project Manager – Hotels

  •   Full Time
  •   Memphis TN

The Project Manager will act as the liaison between the company, the owner representatives, major subcontractors, architects and engineers, and provides valuable input based on his/her construction expertise to benefit the project. Responsible for providing management supervision to project personnel on assigned construction projects and ensuring that the projects are completed in compliance with Zero By Design, within budget and on schedule. Responsible for overall management direction for all the functions required to successfully deliver project(s), including assuring sufficient resource allocation and client satisfaction. Supervises assigned subordinate Project Administrators, Office Engineers, Project Engineers, Assistant Superintendents, Superintendents, and Assistant Project Managers.


  • Review preparation and culmination of project estimates and bids, and collaborate with management in selecting and assigning project personnel.
  • Review the selection of subcontractors and completion of contract arrangements and review proposed materials and shop drawings from subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Review with project personnel the preliminary project schedule and when appropriate the detailed project schedule.
  • Ensure that all required project management/administrative pre-requisites (i.e. cash flow plan, subcontractor lists, manufacturer lists, submittal/procurement logs, etc.) are prepared and submitted to the architect and ensure these plans are properly administered, as in submittals expedited, received, logged and approved.
  • Collaborate with the Project Superintendent in overseeing the delivery of materials to the job site or outside storage, and in ensuring that their receipt is properly recorded.
  • Monitor construction activities, resolve problems and issues which arise, especially those pertaining to changes, deficiencies and/or subcontractor performance.
  • Review monthly project status reports, project billings, and provide information as required to keep upper management and client properly informed.
  • Ensure that “punch list” items are completed.
  • Ensure that closeout documentation is submitted (i.e. drawings, operation and maintenance manuals, and warranties from subcontractors and suppliers).
  • Participate in and expedite fair settlement of final disputes, litigation, and final payment dispositions.



Knowledge and ability to prepare detailed construction project plans, schedules and estimates and to make proper modifications to such, using a personal computer and standard company software.  Ability to read and interpret construction drawings, shop drawings, technical specifications. Ability to calculate square footage, volumes and percentages using a personal computer and calculator.  Ability and skill in communicating effectively, both orally and in writing, as in providing written and oral instructions to employees and in communicating with architects, clients and subcontractors. Knowledge of and application skills in geometry, trigonometry and algebra. Working knowledge of personal computers and basic software programs. Ability to manage project teams and large groups of personnel, and ability to accomplish desired results through delegation.


Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management, Construction Technology or a related discipline or an equivalent combination of education and experience.


At least 5 – 10 years of progressively responsible experience in construction management, including estimating, project management, scheduling, cost control, and personnel administration or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Physical Requirements                   

  • Lifting and carrying up to 30 pounds of materials, normally in boxes, as in transporting technical manuals, drawings, plans and construction materials from one location to another.
  • Climbing, ascending and descending, stairs in the office or on trailers at job sites.
  • Coordinating eye and hand movements in operating the keyboard of a personal computer. Coordinating eye, hand and foot movements and activities, as in operating a motor vehicle to travel to and from job sites, architect’s and subcontractor’s offices, etc.
  • Holding objects, as in grasping the telephone, files, books, manuals, and/or other materials required in performing essential functions.
  • Hearing, and perceiving the nature, intent and meaning of sounds, as in listening to instructions, one-on-one conversations, and/or telephone conversations at job sites where construction and heavy equipment noises are present.
  • Observing (seeing well, either naturally or with correction), as in reviewing detailed information on a computer screen, reading detailed drawings and technical specifications, and at a distance, as in making visual assessments of the quality of construction at job sites.
  • Communicating orally and expressing and exchanging ideas through oral communication, as in communicating with project participants at job sites where equipment and construction noises are present, and in a normal office environment.

Special Job Dimensions

Occasionally, especially when managing multiple projects and during problematic, opening and/or closing phases of projects mental stress can be taxing. Demands working long hours at times. Job involves minimal exposure to hazards on the job and occasional exposure to weather conditions.

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Architect Industry

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1 - 9 Employees



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Construction Industry

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