Project Manager – North Carolina

Project Manager Job Description
The Project Manager (PM) is responsible for the profitable financial management of the project and on-time completion. The PM works directly for the Operations Manager (Corp) or the Division Manager (SPD/ ENT/ R&R) and in coordination with the Superintendent. Below is an outline of the basic duties and responsibilities of a PM.

• Responsible for the direction, supervision and coordination of the Project Engineer activities.
• Participation in the Marketing effort of the company.
• Assist the Estimating department when needed in quantity survey work and on bid days. (SPD/ ENT- PM responsible for estimating)
• Oversee buyout and drafting of subcontracts, material contracts, IPO’s (Insurance Purchase Orders) and PO’s (Purchase Orders).

Budget/ Extra Costs
• Sets up project number with accounting.
• Creates Master Cost Breakdown- budget with cost codes for project. Reviews billing format with accounting at project startup.
• Review budget weekly (adjust variance monthly with accounting).
• Prepare and submit Margin Analysis report monthly to the Operations Manager or Division Manager.
(OR ENT: only do Margin Reports at job startup and completion)
• Create and maintain status of Owner Change Orders.
• Create and maintain status of Subcontractor Change Orders with the Project Assistant.
• Maintain Extra Work Order Log (18000 Log).
• Review addenda and pricing status with Project Engineer and Superintendent.
• Confirm with Project Engineer that Subcontractors are getting pricing submitted by deadlines.
• Review all ASIs/ RFIs with Superintendent
• Review cost changes from ASIs/ RFIs with Superintendent/ Project Engineer.
• Submit Cost Proposals and review with Architect and Owner.

• Review Subcontractor billings with Superintendent monthly.
• Prepares Owner progress billings. PM submits to Accounting for review and distribution (SAC Only- PM distributes billing to Owner).
• Follow up to ensure Owner billings were sent by the due date.
• Enter Subcontractor progress billings information into the accounting black books (Not done in Oregon by PM).

• Review schedule with Superintendent and Project Engineer monthly before updates are generated.
• Review short interval schedules from the Superintendent weekly.
• Ensure that revised schedule is distributed to all parties following update.
• Generate appropriate correspondence as situation requires keeping project on schedule.

Subcontractor/ Supplier Contracts
• Determine appropriate buyout sequence / priority with Superintendent and Project Engineer.
• Review Owner contract with Project Assistant and Accounting to ensure insurance and billing information is properly obtained and followed.
• Review Sub and Material contracts with Superintendent and Project Engineer.
• Review returned Sub and Material contracts for changes to scope and initial as necessary.

Progress Meetings
• Coordinate and run Monthly Job Progress Meetings with project team.
• Coordinate and run Owner Progress Meetings.
• Prepare and distribute meeting minutes for Owner Progress Meetings within 3 working days after meeting.
• Coordinate and run Project Closeout meeting.




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