Project Manager – Prefab/ BIM

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The Project Manager/Estimator will effectively prepare budgets and estimated proposals through quantity surveying and detailed pricing for commercial construction projects consistent with our target project definitions. These pricing efforts must result in securing a sufficient volume of work, with acceptable profit margins, to account for a proportionate share of the forecasted revenue volume in the desired market. To effectively complete assigned construction projects according to the applicable specifications and budgets. Effective completion of a job includes, but is not limited to, fully complying with company contract responsibilities, achieving financial results that meet or improve upon budget constraints, while meeting or exceeding customer expectations.


  • Prepare conceptual estimating, budgeting and pricing, based upon organized, accurate and timely quantity surveys.
  • Maintains current knowledge base of material pricing and applicable code requirements.
  • Properly performs due diligence to be informed about specific issues that may impact a job’s difficulty, such as tight jobsite logistics, additional protection required, extraordinary safety requirements, etc.
  • Effectively communicates in both written and oral form to all interested parties.
  • Lead and manage the effective delivery of construction services on assigned projects, including determination and allocation of necessary resources based upon cost estimates.
  • Ensure field operations on assigned projects occur with safety as a primary concern, including completion of bi-weekly jobsite safety inspections.
  • Manage by planning and budgeting, organizing, controlling, and problem solving, to achieve or exceed the goals set for the project.
  • Responsible for all project coordination and schedule development.
  • Liaison between field, office management and general contractors.
  • Ensure all project standards and specifications are achieved.
  • Monitor and manage job cost and budget comparisons.
  • Generate, track, and collect on change orders in a timely manner.
  • Monitor and assist with collection of accounts receivable as required to ensure timely payment.
  • Assure customer expectations are met or exceeded.
  • Effectively implement applicable quality control systems relative to specific job requirements.
  • Participate in project and contractual negotiations as required.
  • Participate in approved Project Manager and Estimating training sessions.
  • Participate in sales and estimating efforts as required to further our industry profile and to generate revenue.
  • Assist with conceptual estimating, budgeting and pricing as required.


  • Price and secure sufficient volume of work, at profitable margins, to account for proportionate share of revenue projections in the target market.
  • Achieve and/or improve upon budget projections through start-up, execution and completion of assigned projects.

Personal Development

  • Increase knowledge of project management and estimating resources and developments (code requirements, industry practices, construction techniques, product development, etc.) through appropriate industry seminars and educational sources.
  • Enhance knowledge of technical applications relevant to company capabilities through appropriate/approved training sessions (i.e.: Computer and technology based, field applications and product developments).
  • Develop management and sales skills through appropriate/approved courses and learning materials.


  • The project manager will have experience in Microsoft Excel and Word, Primavera Sure Track Scheduling, and Quick Bid Estimating. This position should have a minimum of 2 to 5 years’ experience working as a Project Manager or Estimator.


  • The project manager will have completed a 4-year construction management and/or construction technology program or equivalent technical training and related experience.

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