Sales Director – Contract Furniture

  •   Full Time
  •   San Francisco


The primary objective of the Director position is to develop relationships with members of
or partners with large, strategic clients for our company, which result in the generation of
profitable sales of products and dealer services.


• Achieve Annual Quotas and Implement an Effective Business Plan
• Prospect and Network to Uncover New Leads and Referrals
• Qualify New Business Opportunities and Develop Sales Strategies
• Close the Business, Oversee the Team, Sales and Order Fulfillment Process
• Assure Customer Satisfaction, Maintain and Develop New Relationships
• Be available to meet clients’ needs when required, including outside normal
business hours.
• Be responsible for responding to or meeting clients’ requirements within a 24 hour
response time.


1. Achieve Annual Quotas and Implement an Effective Business Plan

a. Achieve annual sales volume and GP dollar quotas and goals
b. Develop and implement an annual ‘Business Plan’ that includes sales and
marketing strategies, tactics, quotas, goals and activities to achieve desired
performance results
c. Maintain and update Business Plan, forecasts and other requested reports

2. Prospect and Network to Uncover New Leads and Referrals

a. Identify and build relationships with key industry influencers to obtain self generated referrals and leads (A&D, Project Managers, Real Estate
Brokers, Developers, General Contractors and Trades)
b. Join and become an active committee member in industry and/or
community organizations to uncover new potential referral partners, leads
and referrals and establish a ‘market presence’ for us
c. Lead and referral generation through ‘individual referral partners’ or
‘attendance in professionals networking associations’ with other business to
business sellers
d. Identify, develop and implement strategies to penetrate specific ‘Vertical
Markets’ and ‘Target Accounts’
e. Strategize and partner with Knoll and other key vendors to identify and
pursue new business opportunities
f. Follow-up on any leads assigned by management or others
g. Uncover new business opportunities within existing account relationships

3. Qualify New Business Opportunities and Develop Sales Strategies

a. Prompt follow-up on leads and referrals, make prospecting and scouting
calls in a timely manner
b. Schedule appointments with prospects to scout for information
c. Qualify opportunities for ‘A Good Fit’ as a solid, profitable potential for our
customer (project scope and account potential, customer expectations and
problems you can solve, decision process and investment ranges)
d. Develop the sales strategies and tactics to position and win new business
opportunities, involve our company’s management, Knoll and/or other key

4. Close the Business, Oversee the Team, Sales and Order Fulfillment Process

a. Fully educated, well versed and capable of presenting all dealer services,
design concepts, Knoll, ancillary furniture and product solutions (participate
in product and sales training and meetings)
b. Gather customer and project ‘Set-up’ information for Core data base
c. Engage the our team members: Account Manager, Designer and
PM, communicate the qualifying information and project scope details
d. Participate in key meetings, lead our Team in all facets of the sale
leading up to the close (programming, tours, demo’s, presentations,
budgets, evaluation and selection of solutions, and other activities).
e. Involve our management to assist with negotiating pricing
discounts and contracts with Knoll and other vendors to secure best
possible profitability on projects and on-going business
f. Spearhead efforts to best respond to formal bid requests, RFP’s, RFQ’s,
and proposals with team members (sales support, design, operations and
administrative personnel)
g. Ensure that bids and proposals are accurate, of the highest quality,
completed and submitted on time
h. Obtain sign-offs, PO’s and deposits from customers and finalize the order
i. Kick off the initial project meeting with customer and our team to ensure
that the Account Manager, PM and Installation company are engaged with
the customer and driving the activities to develop and adhere to the
installation plan and timeline.
j. Participate in key project meetings and team status meetings through the
closeout of the project.
k. Provide prompt and courteous follow-up of delinquent accounts as directed

5. Assure Customer Satisfaction, Maintain and Develop New Relationships

a. Assure a thorough orientation of the product and complete closeout of the
job to the satisfaction of the customer
b. Assist our team and customer with resolution of any ongoing
major service or performance issues
c. Maintain current relationships, keep customers educated on new products
and dealer services, help determine future needs and budgets
d. Penetrate the account; pursue and develop new relationships with key
contacts, other divisions or departments to uncover and pursue potential
new business opportunities


• Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent
• Successful sales experience of at least 5 years, with 2 years of industry experience
or comparable related experience and education
• Interpersonal and communication skills to interact effectively with clients and our
internal personnel. Ability to lead and oversee our team activities and
• Demonstrate a commitment to professionalism, integrity and sound judgment in
conducting business transactions and providing the highest level of client
• Strong prospecting, selling and closing skills to secure a consistent book of
business from year to year
• Active in the community: regular contact with clients, end-users, industry
influencers and organizations that are potential referral partners or prospects
• Computer proficiency in Word, Excel and Windows environment, including CRM
• Understands our company’s standing in the community and abides by our strong
core values and beliefs

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