Superintendent – Commercial Offices

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The Superintendent is responsible for on-site supervision, administration and coordination of a construction project of the complete satisfaction of client and architect/engineer.


• Communication
o Effectively work with project manager on all job specific issues.
o Keep Project Manager advised of job status via written and verbal communication
o Advise General Superintendent, Board of Directors, Project Manager and Architect/Engineer immediately in case of:
 Any problem with Owner, engineer/architect, supplier or subcontractor
 Accident
 OSHA Inspection
 Pickets or business agent on jobsite
 Additional project Costs.
o Effectively communicate with all parties: i.e., Owner, architect/engineer, project manager, crew, government agencies, and inspectors.

• Client and Architect/Engineer Relations
o Establish a professional rapport with client and architect/engineer.
o Prepare for and participate in regular Owners and/or architect meetings.
o Submit accurate and timely RFI’s and log same.

• Coordinating/Scheduling Duties
o Work with project team to create, update and analyze on an ongoing basis.
o Responsible for project day-to-day operations.
o Prepare three-week look-ahead schedules based on the overall job schedule for use by all parties involved.
o Schedule and coordinate all subcontractors and material suppliers.
o Schedule equipment through warehouse staff.
o Act as liaison for all concerned parties: i.e. architect, owner, subcontractors.

• Quality Control Duties
o Ensure all work is in compliance with specified quality standards.
o Meet with select subcontractor’s superintendents to review plans and specifications prior to subcontractors starting work.
o Inspect subcontractors work for quality compliance.
o Inspect material for quality compliance.
o Request outside inspection as needed to ensure quality control.
o Coordinate testing agencies.
o Interpret plans and specifications for all parties.
o Review shop drawings for accuracy.
o Strive for zero punchlist.
o Maintain clean and organized jobsite office.

• Administrative Duties
o Complete all required paperwork in a professional and timely manner, including job diary and timecards.
o Tag and report equipment defects.
o Obtain bids and quotes as requested by the project managers.
o Determine material quantities as requested.
o Control and monitor all change orders in a timely manner.
o Monitor all required submittals to ensure timeliness and compliance.
o Monitor subcontractor time and material work as required.
o Provide documentation as required.
o Prepare/obtain as-built drawings.

• Crew Supervision Duties
o Treat all associates in a fair, equitable and consistent manner.
o Deal with performance problems as they occur, with approval from the General Superintendent.
o Support and participate in training at all levels.

• Safety Duties
o Provide and maintain a safe work environment.
o Enforce all company, OSHA, and other applicable safety standards with subcontractors and employees.
o Hold required safety meetings and document same.
o Provide timely and accurate documentation and reporting of safety issues.
o Maintain a clean jobsite.
o Report unsafe acts of subcontractors.

• Cost Control Duties
o Responsible for efficient utilization of labor, equipment materials, subcontractors and other related resources to minimize job cost.
o Accurately fill out P.O. Log.

o Keep abreast of current construction means, methods, and procedures and implement same to improve production standards.

• Subcontractor Supervision Duties
o Assure subcontractors are completing work per subcontract agreement.
o Deal with all subcontractors in a fair, equitable, and consistent manner, and provide positive or negative feedback as required.
o Deal with subcontractor performance problems as they occur and with necessary documentation.

• Miscellaneous
o Maintain professional image.
o Acquire a basic understanding of building codes.
o Participate in project team meetings with Project Executive and project manager.
o Other duties as assigned.

• Other duties and special projects as required.

In addition to the above each employee will be required to cross train for position(s) within the division organizational structure as required. Management reserves the right to change or add to the duties and responsibilities set forth herein at any time.


• Qualified candidates will have a high school diploma and 7 – 10 years’ experience in industrial, institutional, office or healthcare construction;
• Demonstrates a solid understanding of processes and procedures and resolution of standard and non-standard issues;
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team;
• Advanced written and oral communications skills to present information in a concise and articulate manner;
• Strong leadership abilities, with the ability to coordinate work on multiple facets of a project;
• Proficient computer skills, with the ability to use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and Outlook) and Microsoft Project;
• College coursework is desirable;
• This position will require travel to the job site and other locations. A valid California driver’s license and the ability to operate a motor vehicle is required;
• LEED certification is desirable;
• BIM experience is desirable.

This is primarily an active position which requires the ability to bend, stoop, reach, lift, walking on uneven ground, ascending and descending stairs, move and carry materials and supplies weighing up to 50 pounds. May also require working with power tools and/or equipment. Good vision, dexterity, and mobility. Finger dexterity is required to operate a computer keyboard and calculator.

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