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The Superintendent has the shared responsibility with the PM for the profitable financial management of the project and to organize the subcontractors and other disciplines on the project for an on-time completion. The Superintendent works directly for the Operations Manager (Corp) or Division Manager (SPD/ ENT/ R&R) and in coordination with the Project Manager. Below is an outline of the basic duties and responsibilities of a Superintendent.


  • Participation in the Marketing effort of the company. Includes being involved with Proposals and Presentations to clients.
  • Assisting the Estimating department when needed in preconstruction planning and scheduling.
  • Review scope sheets with Project Manager prior to awarding.

Construction & Safety

  • Maintain compliance with company required safety classes.
  • Directly responsible for all construction activity.
  • Ensure that all construction is coordinated onsite.
  • Overall safety monitor on project.
  • Coordinate all deliveries to site.
  • Coordinate all field interaction with developer’s contractor.
  • Holds total responsibility for quality of work including that of Subcontractors.
  • Administer all construction deficiencies on the project. Responsible for maintaining document log and coordination of correction with Subcontractors to ensure timely correction.
  • Coordinate all field inspections and testing.


  • Ensure that all construction is on schedule.
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining the CPM schedule for the project.
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining the short interval schedule on a weekly basis.
  • Monitor all activities, review with Project Manager for conformity or determine if revisions are needed on schedules.
  • Update schedule with Project Engineer on a weekly basis.


  • Responsible for direction, supervision and coordination of the Subcontractors and all field personnel.
  • Supervise all Subcontractor work on site.
  • Ensure adequate Subcontractor manpower is onsite to meet the schedule.
  • Monitor for conformity to contract documents (Quality Control).
  • Review Subcontract Exhibit A- Scope of Work with Project Manager prior to awarding when possible.


  • Supervise all field personnel.
  • Keep time and ensure that all time cards are into field office timely for review before sending to the main office.
  • Code time cards using the MCB for accurate codes and/or verify with the Project Manager for any work not on the MCB budget.
  • Maintain labor production report and coordinate updates with Accounting.


  • Review with Project Manager and Project Engineer as soon as received for input on impact.
  • Once Addenda/CDDs are to be part of the project, observe implementation.

ASIs and RFIs

  • Review with Project Manager and Project Engineer as soon as received for input on impact to Subcontractors and vendors.
  • Provide RFI information to Project Engineer or Project Assistant. For projects without a Project Engineer, Superintendent is responsible for sending RFIs and maintaining log/ status. Answered RFIs must be copied to applicable Subcontractors and Project Manager.
  • Once answered, RFIs and ASIs are to be part of the project, observe implementation.

Extra Work Verification

  • Superintendent does not sign Subcontractor’s Extra Work Verification forms by company policy (CA Only: Superintendent uses the Extra Work Verification stamp). Extra Work Verification forms are provided by our company for verifying hours worked (not amounts).
  • For all extra work, Superintendent obtains an 18000 number from the Project Manager.


  • Attend Owner progress meetings.
  • Attend Monthly Job Status Meetings with project team (WA and CA).
  • Manage field coordination meeting weekly.
  • Manage safety meetings weekly.


  • Responsible for writing Daily Superintendent Reports.
  • Review job cost reports with Project Manager.
  • Review margin analysis reports on project with Project Manager.

Project Closeout

  • Responsible for maintaining a set of As-Built drawings on the project.
  • Responsible for documenting, coordinating and expediting the correction of all punch list items.

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