Superintendent – Underground Pipe

  •   Full Time
  •   AZ

General Summary

This position is responsible for providing project supervision to a construction site or business unit including supervising several level 1 & 2 Superintendents.

Essential Job Accountabilities

  1. Comprehend and administer a safety program that provides for a safe work environment that meets or exceeds our company’s Annual Incident Goal, and foster a culture that expects participation at all levels
  2. Create and promote, in his/her organization, the ability to recognize and understand the appropriate environmental policies, rules, and the potential adverse affects to the environment due to operations, and take steps necessary to comply with policy/rules, and mitigate the effects of operations
  3. Create and/or foster a quality culture that recognizes the affect of quality on all operations, and takes steps necessary to provide a product or service that is a source of pride for our workers, and pleasing to our customers
  4. Supervise total construction effort to ensure project is constructed in accordance with design, budget and schedule and is staffed appropriately.
  5. Plan, coordinate and supervise on-site functions and provide input with scheduling, engineering, and material control in order to make sure project objectives are met.
  6. Supervise and direct field supervisors, superintendents and other contractors to ensure productivity, efficient use of materials & equipment, and contractual performance of the project are met.
  7. Interface with all on-site work teams (including subcontractors) as required, to resolve problems, ensure quality, safety, scheduling and achieving schedules in support of overall project objectives.
  8. Assist project management in developing and implementing project Work Plans and procedures, working documents and standards to ensure project goals are achieved.
  9. Comply, understand, and support corporate safety, quality and environmental initiatives to ensure a compliant work environment.
  10. Recruit/recommend and hire qualified individuals to maintain high-performing teams.
  11. Mentor construction craft, supervision and engineering staff to ensure individual development and our standards are met.
  12. Analyze training needs and opportunities and work with senior leadership to ensure needs are being met

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Job & Company Detail

Company Industry

Architect Industry

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1 - 9 Employees



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Construction Industry

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