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Professional Recruiter Associates is a firm of executive search consultants working internationally and dedicated to matching the right Employees to our client base. We specialize in finding a candidate for those “hard to fill” positions, where a very limited number of people are capable of doing the job. We take on the responsibility of carefully analyzing not just a resume, but the whole person, in order to determine if a candidate can do the tasks asked for by our client. Our process includes several steps, from initial client contact, to doing our executive search in order to find a potential employee matching the job description, to presenting and placing that candidate within the company.

Our executive search consultants fully understand the issues of real business that our clients experience on a daily basis. Our added value is that we know your industry and approach assignments from a clear business perspective.

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Executive Recruiter / Executive Search

We work with the client and candidate equally in order to establish the relationship. We want to ensure that our client is impressed by a resume before we introduce a candidate to the Hiring Manager. Once we have established a clear understanding of what the Hiring Manager is seeking, we begin our Executive Search. This is the process of sourcing and finding the candidate who is the best available individual for the particular position. In order to perform a successful Executive Search, certain information must first be gathered from the client. We begin with the simple and obvious, such as salary, location, and job description. However, our consultants are trained to gather all of the information which will ensure a successful outcome for both the client and the candidate. This generally goes far above and beyond the basics of salary, location, and job description.

We only provide candidates that have the strengths and skills to be successful. An Executive Recruiter is involved during every portion of the hiring process, from initial introduction, to setting up the time, date and place for the interview, all the way to accepting the new position and resigning from his previous position. We stay involved for as long as our client wants us to be. Our consultants maintain top notch customer service and stay involved throughout the process.

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