4 easy tips to kickstart your 2021 recruitment efforts

A new year characteristically brings with it the hope of change. We look to fresh beginnings with anticipation and a renewed sense of determination. And while 2021 may not be starting with the bang we hoped, it is still important to proceed as you mean to go on. Siren calls of vaccines are just that; those working in recruitment need to anticipate another year of unrest and prepare themselves accordingly.

1.) Flexibility will still win the day

Being able to anticipate and react to the changing landscape of talent acquisition is paramount. Recruiters will need to adopt a flexible approach in how they find, hire, onboard and engage candidates; standard procedure just won’t cut it anymore. Talent acquisition teams need to organize themselves to deal with the continued turbulence of COVID. So, whether that’s streamlining your procedures with AI and automation or fully embracing (and optimizing) virtual tools for interviews and training, recruiters can confidently support a company’s ever-changing needs. According to recent Gartner research, taking an agile approach to hiring can see a 31% increase in recruiter productivity. Things aren’t going back to how they were, but being adaptable to change will become a recruiter’s new secret weapon.

2.) Keep learning

In tandem with flexibility has to come learning and development (L&D). A recruiter’s toolbelt needs to expand if they are to find success in the new world. As processes alter and mutate in order to adapt, so too should the recruiter. In fact, according to LinkedIn, the fastest growing skill for recruiters is actually personal development – the ability to add new skills. In an effort to bring some clarity and expertise to a business, L&D will allow talent teams to act as a font of knowledge on new initiatives and best practices. E-learning platforms, like SocialTalent, are specifically designed to accommodate this. You upskill at your own pace with industry experts delivering hyper relevant content in bitesize lessons. Armed with up-to-date information, recruiters can easily tackle the curveballs that COVID is still throwing at us. 

3.) Clear, consistent communication 

One advantageous by-product that 2020 brought was a renewed importance on communication. Inspired by the immense move to remote work and the uncertainty of daily life, we finally understood that clear and consistent contact led to success. Our morning stand-ups and weekly check-ins fostered serenity when it was in short supply, forcing us to concede that communication really does form the foundation of solid relationships. So, keep this firmly in mind when you reach out to candidates. As much as 58% of job seekers see great communication as the top factor in creating a positive candidate experience. Keep potential hires engaged and informed about the recruitment process. Map every touchpoint from pre-application messages and interview scheduling to the post-application updates. Provide scaffolding and clarity. Don’t regress back; communication is vital when turbulence is widespread.

4.) Don’t forget your humanity

It may seem like a rather wooly point to end on, but humanity is now of paramount importance in recruitment. As our world continues to digitize and be rocked by uncertainty, it pays to show some heart. Ensure your outreach is accommodating, transparent and understanding. Show that you put the person first. Now more than ever, candidates are increasingly interested in who a company is, what they stand for and how they’re supporting employees and customers. Times are tough for a number of reasons and recruiters need to be attuned to this. Empathy should not be overlooked as a key soft skill.

This article was originally published on Social Talent and has been edited for clarity