Your next job interview could take place in virtual reality

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Going for a job interview is the stuff of nightmares for many people, while for others it is a chance to shine. Either way you are typically still interviewed by other human beings, either after walking into a scary office with one or more bosses sitting behind a desk, or via an equally nerve-wracking Zoom…

Construction’s supply chain outlook: more shortages, price hikes ahead

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Analysts and contractors break down prices and lead times for concrete, cement, steel, lumber, insulation, drywall and HVAC equipment in the coming year. Plan for market conditions to get worse before they get better. Despite battling supply chain issues since late 2020, the construction industry will see continued material price escalation over the next couple…

Careers in construction build strong futures for students

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In October, the Home Builders Association of Kentucky (HBAK) is celebrating Careers in Construction Month, and we are inviting you to help us build the next generation of the Commonwealth’s skilled workforce. As our state experiences increased economic development and population growth, the demand for quality housing continues to grow steadily — and along with…

Four shifts that could change workdays forever

Four-shifts-that-could-change-workdays-forever Four-shifts-that-could-change-workdays-forever

Hybrid and remote work aren’t the only major changes for the workforce. Some workers are finding when they work has evolved, too – and many employees are loving it. Since the pandemic, where people do their jobs has changed but so, too, has when.   Now, workers who previously had five-day-a-week, nine-to-five jobs are in some cases finding themselves…

Here’s what to do when a job interview is put on hold

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It’s a scenario every job seeker dreads. Everything is going great during the interview process and you feel like you’ve got this thing in the bag. Then, out of nowhere, it’s radio silence. The recruiter goes M.I.A., no one’s responding to your emails, and you have no idea what happened. And after weeks of wondering…

U.S. Buyers Return to Big Cities and Continue Their Migration Towards Warmer Climates

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Price pressures and lifestyle factors have combined to keep American buyers moving throughout the pandemic. As much of the U.S. reopens and returns to some semblance of normalcy, U.S. buyers remain on the move.  Just over 40% of prospective buyers searching on viewed home listings outside of their current state during the first quarter…

Letter to the editor: As we rebuild after Hurricane Ian, Florida must end its ‘disposable development mentality’

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With Hurricane Ian, Florida just suffered one of its most deadly and costly disasters and the clean-up has hardly begun. This is a heartbreaking time for homeowners, for Floridians for nearly anyone who has visited and enjoyed the beaches, the water and the sunshine. It will be weeks before we have reliable numbers on fatalities….

HR Pros Focus on Health, Work-Life Balance

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September 2022 YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – As the initial shock of the pandemic wears off, employees are now taking a closer look at their benefits and the quality of their life at work. Dee McFarland, owner of Reliable Consulting Group in Youngstown, says before the pandemic, employees were vaguely aware of their benefits but didn’t pay…

The Legal Lounge: The Dangers of Rejecting Candidates Based on Employment Gaps 

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By Kate Bischoff Gaps in employment happen for innumerable reasons. Yet their mere existence purports to be a red flag for many hiring managers. So before you make hiring decisions based on such gaps, it’s worth keeping in mind that there are at least three legal reasons that doing so could spell trouble. Familial/Parental Discrimination…

Where the Construction Industry is Heading in 2022

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Nonresidential construction is trending upward in 2022, but most of the newly passed $1 trillion infrastructure bill will take significant time and effort to plan and execute. Peter Gregory, senior vice president and national manager at Wells Fargo Equipment Finance, analyzes trends to interpret where the market is going and the underlying reasons our economy…