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Professional Recruiter Associates works within a variety of industries. A large portion of our staff has worked in the Biotech industry in the past, and we are very familiar with the type of jobs and professionals that are involved in this industry.

Industry areas we have expertise with involve a variety of disciplines including Biotechnology, Clinical Trials, Renewable Energy Resources, and other scientific areas, which are used to develop technology that helps to improve our lives and the health of our planet. We have made placements with some of the biggest Biotech firms in the industry, and worked with biotech scientists and other scientists who possess a variety of different backgrounds. The scientist jobs available within these industries, are very specialized, and require recruiters to have a scientific background.  It takes a company which has extensive experience working with scientists in order to accurately source and place the right type of scientific candidate for biotechnology and other scientific industry positions.

Senior staff members at our firm were involved in technical industries as executives for many years before becoming Executive Search professionals. These areas include Scientific Instrumentation, Renewable Energy, and Biotechnology Clinical Trials.  We have developed networks of scientists with Renewable Energy and Biotech companies. We have biotechnology and energy  scientist jobs available consistently.

For a listing of all of our Job Orders in the Biotech Industry, feel free to view our website.



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