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Project Manager Commercial

Construction Project Manager with with over 25 years experience in commercial, government, healthcare, and education.

Project Executive Civil

Construction Project Executive with 20 years of experience and a Masters in Civil Engineering. Expertise is Rail and Public Projects.

Superintendent Retail

Construction Superintendent With 30 years experience in Retail Construction. Bachelors of Construction Management.

Senior Estimator Commercial

Construction Senior Estimator with 28 years of experience. Fluent in E4 Clicks , MII (MCases), Planswift, Excel and RS Means.

Quality Control Director Biotech/Pharma

Leader with over 20 years in the Pharmaceutical industry with experience in Research Discovery and within Quality Operations.

Head of indirect Procurement, Sequencing

10 years as a Head of Indirect Procurement, Sequencing. Over 25 total years in purchasing for biotech. Masters of Applied Economics.

Field Application Scientist Nano Medicines

PhD in cellular and molecular biology specialized in biochemistry, nanomedicine, cell signaling and drug discovery, with 7 years of experience in nano biotechnology.

Regional Sales Manager Biotech

15 years as a regional sales manager for biotech and medical device companies. Masters Medical Microbiology.

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Case Study 1

Assignment: Fill a Divisional Merchandising Manager role that requires unusual Experience

Delivered: 1 hire

Cost per hire: 15%

Case Study 2

Assignment: Fill a role for a diverse Director of Operations

Delivered: 2 hires

Cost per hire: 15%

Case Study 3

Assignment: Locate a Director with a hard-to-find skill set

Delivered: 3 hired

Cost per hire: 17.4%

Case Study 4

Assignment: Hire a Senior Vice President of IT Audit

Delivered: 1 hire

Cost per hire: 18.7% savings over the cost of traditional retained search

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We at Professional Recruiter Associates are dedicated to matching the right employees to our ever expanding client base. Our seasoned executive search consultants specialize in finding the perfect candidate for those “hard to fill” positions, where a very limited number of people are capable of doing the job. We take on the responsibility of carefully analyzing not just a resume, but the whole person, in order to determine if a candidate can do the tasks asked for by our client. Our process includes several steps, from initial client contact, to doing our executive search in order to find a potential employee matching the job description, to presenting and placing that candidate within the company. Our executive search consultants fully understand the issues of real business that our clients experience on a daily basis. Our added value is that we know your industry and approach assignments from a clear business perspective.


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Expressed exceptional knowledge of the Workplace and Contract Furniture industry and the market that I was located.

Erin Wendt
Erin Wendt

The assistance and experience given by Don and his team has been very good. I would recommend their services to anyone actively seeking to make a change.

Brent Chaffin
Brent Chaffin

Very happy with the efficiency and quality! Almost immediately after having a conversation with them they had set up an interview.

Sasha Makarova
Sasha Makarova

Exceptional professional and candid guidance to succeed in obtaining outstanding career opportunities!

Amy Peterson
Amy Peterson

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