6 simple mistakes that can sabotage your job search

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https://www.fastcompany.com/90645864/6-simple-mistakes-that-can-sabotage-your-job-search – There are no shortage of tips on how to have a successful job search. But when you fail to get the gig you want, you may be left wondering why. Hiring professionals are deluged with applications and don’t have time to write a “thank you for applying” letter. So candidates are left guessing….

Job growth in the U.S. is booming — here’s which industries are leading the rebound

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https://www.cbsnews.com/news/economic-recovery-hiring-industries/ Good news: The U.S. economy needs workers. Employers hired nearly a million people in March, while layoffs are easing. Job listings are surging, with openings on career site Indeed now topping their pre-coronavirus levels. So who’s hiring? Construction, manufacturing, warehousing and pharmacy jobs are now in ample supply, the firm’s data shows. “The economy is…

Nearly a third of workers don’t want to ever return to the office

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https://fortune.com/2020/12/06/offices-covid-workers-returning-never-want-to-stats-data-2/ The vaccines are on their way. So far, they appear so effective that Dr. Anthony Fauci even thinks we may have packed stadiums return in the summer of 2021. That also means more employers will begin to reopen their offices—and we’ll get to see to what degree WFH sticks around. To get an eye…

Should you take a new promotion when it is offered to you?

You’ve been working hard, and now your manager wants to reward you with a promotion. Great, huh? Well, maybe not. Your first reaction could be that this particular promotion could prove to be a mistake for you professionally — and maybe personally. At the same time, you’re wondering if turning it down will be a…