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Welcome back! Here is the second portion of our Time Management guide for Recruiters. To be a successful Recruiter, you have to talk to A LOT of people. This can get confusing, and can cause a person who is a good Recruiter to an unsuccessful career. By being organized, and managing your time correctly, you can be more efficient. By making simple changes to the way you do things, you will find that you can be successful without just playing a numbers game, but by organizing yourself, and contacting the right people, at the right time. Enjoy!

Plan your calls in blocks of time.

Take a short break after every 5-10 calls to get refreshed before making the next set of calls. The best times to make calls are between 8 am – 11 am, and 1 pm – 4 pm as most people are at their desks during these times. However, don’t assume your candidates will be able to talk to you during these times… sometimes it will be necessary to contact them before or after normal working hours. Recruiting is not a 9-5, Monday through Friday typical job!

Use a script for calls to help you stay on task.

Ask your candidates and clients what the best time is to call them so you don’t have to keep leaving messages or call back several times before reaching them. If you make business development calls, research the company…know something about it and who you need to talk to before making the call. Follow through and be persistent. Try to get as much information as possible during your first call so you don‘t need to make additional ones.

Screen your incoming calls.

It is not necessary to answer the phone each time it rings. Don’t be afraid to let it go to voice mail, and make return calls once or twice during the day to help decrease interruptions.

When sourcing candidates, start with your database.

Why waste time sourcing other places when you may have just the right candidate right in front of you.

Keep a file for all your job descriptions.

Somewhere, sometime, you will probably need to use one of them again. Why take time writing a new one if you already have one on hand. It’s much more time consuming to write a whole new one rather than to edit an existing one.

Leave the end of your day for administrative work

And making plans for the next day. Always allow time for distractions and the unexpected, such as meetings, extra-long phone calls, etc., but focus your main attention on items that need to be done daily.

Being organized helps keep you in control.

Don’t procrastinate! Being responsible for your own actions help reduce stress, minimizes problems, and allows you to complete tasks on time.

Have a high expectation of yourself and you will be more apt to succeed!

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