4 Tips For Writing A Powerful Resume

https://www.workitdaily.com/writing-a-powerful-resume-tips By: Michelle Dumas and Aaron Sanborn     The first challenge with your resume is getting it in the hands of an actual person. Over the past decade, getting through applicant tracking systems (ATS) by including the right keywords has become the holy grail of job seekers. The palace guards were put in place…

8 Ways to Make Working in the Winter Way Less Miserable

Article Link: https://www.themuse.com/advice/8-ways-to-make-working-in-the-winter-way-less-miserable By: Alyse Kalish   We all love to hate on winter. Trudging through the snow while simultaneously ruining our nicest shoes, either freezing in several layers at our desk or burning up because the heat’s blasting, leaving the office in the late afternoon to a sad, pitch-black evening. I get it, it’s…

3 Keys to Beginning a Business At Any Age

By Donald Sonn Starting your own business as a is a great way to stay active and to earn extra money.At home businesses are ideal for those who need to be agile and for whom situations may change. Other benefits include: minimal up-front investment, flexible working hours, the ability to scale up or down quickly….

Why Teamwork Is Important No Matter Where You Work And What You Do

teamwork-in-the-workplace teamwork-in-the-workplace

The main thing to consider to be successful in any part of business is teamwork. No matter where you work, you are going to have to work with a group of people to make a company successful. If you expect to be able to work alone, and you refuse to work with others, no company…

Time Management #2

Timing, Time management Timing, Time management

Welcome back! Here is the second portion of our Time Management guide for Recruiters. To be a successful Recruiter, you have to talk to A LOT of people. This can get confusing, and can cause a person who is a good Recruiter to an unsuccessful career. By being organized, and managing your time correctly, you…

Recruiter Questions

Questions to Aak from Recruiter Questions to Aak from Recruiter

Critical Issues to Discuss with your Recruiter Before you begin to work with a recruiter know what type of person you are looking for and what your urgency is for the person. A job description is a good starting point, but more important is to know the challenges and responsibilities for the position, the minimum…

Interview Tips #2

interview-tips interview-tips

Here is the second part of our interview tips. We hope that we were able to provide useful information for tips and tricks to do before an interview. We will now provide our guide book to success for what to do during the interview. Enjoy! During the Interview: Timing Arrive at least 10 minutes early….