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Time Management and Organization

It is very easy in the recruiting industry to be extremely busy doing the wrong things. If you want to succeed there are several things to take into account:

  1. Be Organized.
  2. Be Confident.
  3. Be a Hard Worker.
  4. Do not Procrastinate.
  5. Have a Desire to Succeed.

Set yourself realistic goals 

And arrange your time in order to meet them. Each day is 20{b716aca833a14590b9fcd8c40ad2d2976206bcc65c01e2e8c4fde18d42d9ae04} of your work week so don’t waste it being unproductive. Establish a routine to make phone calls, take care of email, use your database, source candidates, and do paperwork. Break your day out accordingly, so that all these tasks can be completed. Take the task that you like the least and do that one the first thing each day, while you are fresh. This way it is over with, and you won’t be dwelling on it the rest of the day.

Keep track of your time during the day

Identify bad habits, such as shuffling papers, talking to co-workers, taking breaks, going to appointments, etc. You will be surprised how much time you actually waste during the day on these things. Figure out what percent of the day you are actually using to make money, and eliminate those things that aren’t.

Organize your desk

Keep it clean and neat. Take anything off that is a distraction. Don’t have a lot of loose papers or sticky notes on your desk. All meetings, appointments, interviews, etc. that you need to keep track of on a regular basis should all be in one spot. Put papers in folders and file them in your desk drawers, labeling each one so you can retrieve them easily when needed. These will help you be more efficient so you won’t forget what needs to be completed each day and will also prevent you from forgetting something, which at times could be costly.

Organize your computer

Set up folders in your email or on your desktop for each of your job orders. Label each with the job title or job number. Each time you receive an email for a particular job, transfer it into the correct folder. This saves you time searching for files you need. Create a separate folder for all your administrative forms.

These are simple things which will help any recruiter to reach the level of success they are looking for quickly, and efficiently.

Come back next week for the rest of our “Time Management and Organization” rules to success for a Recruiter. Thank you for reading, and we’ll see you next week!



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